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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of common formworks in the market

06 Apr 2020 Tags: circular column forms concrete column forms

1. Wooden circular column formwork

The wooden circular column formwork is a new type of support artifact in recent years. Its characteristics are: the birch aspen used in the wood formwork as a raw material has good air permeability and the lowest cost. The epoxy resin film is coated on the inside and outside to make the cast concrete have a water-removing effect after demolding. The curved surface is smooth and smooth without honeycomb pits.


  1. The circular column formwork has a unique concave and convex groove design in the longitudinal direction, and the two formworks can be perfectly matched. There is no need to worry about the seam treatment and slurry leakage in the later period.

  2. The cylindrical wood formwork can be arbitrarily cut. After being transported to the construction site, the formwork is reprocessed according to the construction needs, which is very beneficial to the construction of complex structures such as beams and columns, shortening the construction period and reducing construction costs.

  3. Light weight, cylindrical wooden formwork can be said to be the lightest formwork of all building forms, easy to transport, low transportation cost, convenient construction, no tower crane and no mechanical equipment, two people can easily lift the formwork to install, shorten Duration.

  4. Between 200mm-5000mm in diameter, there are basically 3 meters high stock, mature technology, custom formwork needs a short period of time.

  5. The demoulding time is short, it can be demoulded automatically without equipment assistance, affected by the seasonal temperature, the mold can be demolished in 24 hours in summer and about 48 hours in winter The demoulding effect can be said to be the best.

  6. Convenient reinforcement, there are reinforced steel belts for distribution, the construction plan is clear, saving time and worry.


  1. The turnover times are about 8-10 times. Compared with other formworks, the turnover times are limited, so the relative cost is much lower, and it is very cost-effective to purchase for many construction sites that do not need to be used in the later period.

  2. Due to the characteristics of poplar raw materials, the storage conditions of cylindrical wood formwork need to be waterproof and moisture-proof. Subsequent maintenance is required and the number of uses can be extended.

2. Cylindrical steel formwork

  Heavy weight, mainly used in large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges.


  1. Reinforcement system, high strength of components, large combined rigidity, high precision of plate production, not easy to deform.

  2. The formwork has good integrity and strong earthquake resistance.

  3. High turnover times, can be recycled.

  4. The demoulding effect of the customized new steel formwork is better.

  5. The internal mold is lubricated, and the cross seam is tight to prevent the slurry from leaking out.

  5. Mainly used in floor slab and beam formwork and other structural parts with less side pressure on concrete.


  1. The cylindrical steel formwork is heavy, and the mobile installation requires the transportation of cranes, and the cost of transportation and installation is high. The formwork is heavy and requires high lifting requirements, and there are hidden safety risks;

  2. The cost of cylindrical steel formwork is divided into customized processing cost and rental cost. The custom-made cost is the highest, usually calculated in tons, which is more than 3 times the wooden formwork.

  The rental cost is calculated on a daily or monthly basis. There are many charging items. The rental market in various places is mixed, including deposits, cleaning fees, loading and unloading fees, maintenance costs, etc. Various problems arising from many uncertain factors.

  3. It cannot be lifted manually during reinforcement, and can only be installed by relying on the assistance of the tower crane. The installation period is more than double that of the wooden formwork, and it takes up the use time of large equipment such as the tower crane. And after the cylinder is formed, there will be a vertical seam, which needs manual second repair.

  4. Due to the heavy weight of the steel formwork during demoulding, it must rely on the supporting mode of the tower crane and other equipment to remove the mold, which additionally increases the cost of the tower crane machinery and increases the construction cycle.

3. Plastic circular column formwork

  Plastic buildingcircular column formwork is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. It is divided into two types of hollow plastic formwork and solid plastic formwork, most of which are hollow plastic formwork on the market.

3-1 Advantages of hollow plasticcircular column formwork:

  1. The hollow plastic circular column formwork is light and easy to install, light in weight and strong in process adaptability.

  2. Easy demoulding and easy cleaning; it is good for maintenance. The formwork does not absorb water and does not require special maintenance or storage.

  3. Reinforcement with screws is more convenient.

  4. The turnover times are about 10 times.


  1. Light weight, low load capacity, more expensive.

  2. The use cost is much higher than the wooden round formwork.

  3. The coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is larger than that of steel formwork and wooden formwork. Therefore, the formwork is greatly affected by the temperature.

  3-2 Solid plastic formwork:


  1. High bearing capacity and good support.


  The cost is high, the weight is too heavy, the construction is not convenient, the manual machinery is consumed, and the project period is increased.

4. FRP circular column formwork

  In fact, the material of FRP formwork has nothing to do with steel. FRP does not contain iron at all, nor is it a composite of glass and steel. It is a fiber-reinforced plastic formed by glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix.


  1. There are few joints, and the surface is smooth. During use, due to the good combination of his tight joints, there will be no vertical leakage phenomenon.

  2. Light weight, little transportation problem, high strength and good wear resistance.

  3. Convenient cleaning and maintenance.

  4. The turnover times are similar to plastic formworks, about 10 times.


  1. The cost is higher than the wooden round formwork.

  2. Because it is a whole flat formwork, it needs to be circled manually, so it is not easy to circle into a perfect circle, and it is easy to circle into an ellipse.

  3. It is not easy to cut, which is not conducive to on-site application.

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