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Circular Column Formwork

Circular Column Formwork

It's an cost-effective circular column formwork, circular column forms made of semi-circle plywood, alternative solution of costly plastic, aluminium, and heavy steel formwork, Meanwhile, it's more repeatable than paper tube.

  • Highly waterproof , filmfaced plywood ,WBP
  • No leakage, seamless joint with tongue-groove
  • Easy to cut on the top
  • Light weight, easy handling, no need Tower crane
  • Efficient in installation and dismantle
  • Can cut or stack to be any height
  • Fare face concrete finish

Original price: $30㎡
Current price: $25㎡

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Save Time and Money!

No measuring and cutting required. No wasted materials and wasted time.

All columns come to site prefabricated to fit quickly into position.

Get your columns poured and your floors up faster by saving time forming your columns! Two men can place and form a column in just minutes!

A high quality finish thanks to the film faced plywood!

Can be reused on more columns! Continue using the panels for more pours! 6-8 pours is common for our customers.(Depends on care taken while stripping, pouring, storing and handling)

Can be cut and altered for beams and different heights as required!

Can be stacked in a staggered design to reach great heights and diameters!

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Square Circle Formwork Circular Column System is one of our most popular patented products which like our panels, are custom designed and manufactured specifically for the columns on your project.

The Circular Column forms are manufactured using film faced plywood sheets which have been moulded to a specific diameter of the customers request. These are then sealed shut using our steel belt at various levels around the column as required. Our Circular Column forms come in a wide range of heights and diameters depending on the customers needs. Our sizes are limited by your requirements. From 10000mm heights or 4200mm diameters (Or taller and wider), we are able to create the form you require.

The circular column panels arrive on site in either two semi circular pieces (For heights up to 3000mm and diameters up to 1550mm) or in multiple pieces (For heights above 3000mm and diameters bigger than 1550mm) which can be quickly assembled by 2 workers with zero cutting required. When poured and cured the forms can then be disassembled and moved for their next pour on the job and if required heights cut to fit beams or smaller heights as the design changes across the project.

Suitable for both a pouring up and down method of construction. Able to accommodate a wide range of setting up methods to suit the preference of the customer. The quick assembly method, multiple uses and high level of flexibility of our circular column forms has seen our customers save time and money across in many areas of their projects!

It’s an cost-effective circular column form, made of semi-circle plywood, alternative solution of costly plastic, aluminium, and heavy steel formwork. Meanwhile , it’s more repeatable than paper tube.

Product Composition

Circular column formwork Film faced plywood Core poplar
Glue WBP melamine
Film Brown film
Hot press twice
sanding Both sides
Edges With grooves
Steel belts Steel no. Q235
width 32mm
thickness 1.2mm
screws item 8.8 grade M12
size 12x80mm

Standard Sizes

Inner Diameter Thickness StandardHeight Parts
250-550mm 15mm 3000mm 2
600-1250mm 18mm 3000mm 2
1300-1550mm 22mm 3000mm 2
1600-4200mm 22mm 2400mm 4-10
Diameter at 50mm increment , height can be cut or stack


Semi-circle——>tongue groove edge ——>steel belts——>erect ——>untie——>dismantle


Fix with the props or lumber to support the forms.

Steel Belts allocation

Inner Diameter Interval of steel belts
250mm-950mm 300mm
1000mm-1450mm 250mm
1500mm-4200mm 200mm

Long-short Stack


Test & Certificate

Testing items Unit Standard used Tested value
Bonding quality N/mm² EN314 0.81
Bending strength Longitudinal grain N/mm² EN310 50.0
Cross grain N/mm² 40.2
Elasticity in bending Longitudinal grain N/mm² EN310 5137
Cross grain N/mm² 4132
Bearing concrete pressure KN EN310 70

Specific Description

1.Made of plywood, light weight, easy handling, no need tower crane.

2.Edge with Tongue-Groove, to prevent the leakage of concrete

3.Easy cut on top of column

4.Fare face concrete, no need re-work

5.Special column design : extend column, tower, lean column etc.

Production workshop

200 workers, 25 production line, annual production capacity is 1 million m2


one bundle by 6-8 pieces, inside craft paper and waterproof shrinking film, outside bag.

Product Handling

To maintain the product care must be taken with handling, stripping and storage.

Store the product in a dry indoor space avoiding excessive sunlight and heat when not in use.

Do not allow the product to be stored in wet conditions as this may effect the products properties.

Take care when handling and moving the product to avoid damaging the products surface.

Clean the product and accessories between pours to increase the durability and quality of the results from the product.

Maintenance & Storage

Lightly treat the ply film with oil before next usage.

place the formwork vertical, away from direct sunlight and water.

Our Company

Square Circle Formwork is a innovative brand in the field of concrete formwork, we hold the patent of wood Circular column forms and rectangular column clamps. Now employees are up to 800 , 4 workshop, annual turnover is 60 million USD dollars, we help thousands jobsite & contractor to make the concrete more easily. Now we hope to show our products to oversea construction market, to make oversea projects quicker and less labour cost.

If you require further information on a product or would like to request a quote please fill out the form below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

If you wish to speak to a Square Circle representative directly please call: +86-539-7758032

Square Circle Formwork

Company: Shandong Fangyuan Building Materials Co Ltd.
Add: No. 1024 ehuang Road, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong, China
Tel: +86-539-7758032
MP: +86-13341278700
E-mail : [email protected]

Please send your inquiry to the above mailboxes to ensure that we can receive your inquiry duly. Thank you!

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1. This product supports online ordering (Alibaba, cash on delivery).

2. Please specify product name, product diameter size and product use, so that we can choose the right type for you.

3. When the occasion of use is very important or the environment is more complicated, please provide the design as much as possible.

1. On the scene of logistics damaged goods, the manufacturer gives free reissue service, which saves all the worries of customers.

2. During the use of the product, technical guidance is provided free of charge until the construction customer fully learns to use it.

3. The product is damaged during use (non-human damage), and the manufacturer immediately reissues it free of charge.

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