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Shear Wall Forms

Shear Wall Forms

Shear Wall Formwork is a new type of building shear wall supporting mould product can replace the traditional steel tube bowl buckle type reinforcement mode.

  • High turnover
  • simple operation
  • low cost
  • Labor saving
  • material saving
  • saving time

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Product Description

Shear Wall Forms is a new type of building shear wall supporting mould product can replace the traditional steel tube bowl buckle type reinforcement mode, and can be widely applied to professional construction of columns, shear walls and the like.

Shear Wall Forms has the economic advantages of many turnovers, labor saving, material saving and time saving, beautiful and clean, and improves the safety construction and civilization of the construction site.

It can not only meet the reinforcement construction of the ordinary shear wall in the building, but also has obvious advantages in the reinforcement construction of the ultra-thick and ultra-high shear wall.


Save wood, reuse, and reduce costs.

The shear wall reinforcement system is simple and quick to connect, with high turnover times and strong durability.

The connection method is flexible and simple, and the operation is simple.

The horizontal distance between the bolts can reach 600-800mm, which can effectively reduce the number of drawbars by nearly half.

This product is easy to transport, stacking standards, easy to learn, economical, greatly improving the project schedule and construction quality, with extremely high economic and social benefits.

Shear Wall Forms VS Traditional Forms

Numbering Classification Shear Wall Formwork Traditional Mode To sum up
1 material 8# steel Ф48*3.5 steel pipe 8# steel strength is 3-4 times the strength of steel pipe
2 Pull bolt spacing 600-800mm 400-450mm Effectively reduce the number of tapped holes to ensure the appearance
3 Contact surfaces Face and face Point and face The force surface is large to ensure the flatness of the pouring surface
4 Trial wall thickness 200-1000mm 200-400mm More trial range
5 weight 4.68kg/m 8kg/m Traditional mode using double steel pipes
6 usage count More than 200 times Traditional steel pipes will be deformed after about 20 times of use.
7 Configuration method One-to-one configuration according to the floor Field configuration by workers One-to-one configuration for architectural drawings can effectively ensure the most reasonable and optimized use of materials, avoiding additional costs due to multiple orders or fewer orders.

Installation Steps

Step 1. Material preparation, the construction materials to be transported to the construction site are placed according to the model and type, including the main back, the male corners, the backing plate and other connectors.

Step 2. Material sorting, the operator carefully studied the detailed plan of the construction plan provided by our company, selected the corresponding materials according to the drawings and delivered them to the designated place.

Step 3. Install the firmware, arrange the main back and accessories of the wall according to the construction drawings, and verify the verticality and flatness of the shear wall template through professional equipment, and make corresponding adjustments. The spacing of the wooden arrangement is generally between 150mm and 200mm, which is determined by the specific conditions of the project. The influencing factor Zhu Tao has the thickness of the wall and the adhesion of the concrete.

Step 4. Special position reinforcement, main female angle, male angle, L-shaped reinforcement, connecting plate, and tensile reinforcement.

Step 5. For the reinforcement of the bolt position, the reinforcement system on both sides of the wall is connected by pull bolts. The lateral distance between the bolts is between 600mm and 800mm. According to the engineering, the PVC pipe is applied to the wire.

Step 6. U-shaped wall position reinforcement, the reinforcement used in the U-shaped wall can be fine-tuned through the adjustable hole position in the middle. The specific operation method is similar to drinking straight back.

Step 7. Concrete pouring, check the reinforcement system again before concrete pouring to see if there are any problems such as tight iron and loose screws, and make immediate adjustments.

Step 8. Remove the shear wall reinforcement and follow the previous installation steps to reverse the operation. Loosen the nut and remove the accessories before removing the reinforcement.

Step 9. The shear wall reinforcement is cleaned and reused. After the reinforcement is removed, the residual concrete and other residues are cleaned in time and run through the specified holes to the upper layer for further use.

Maintenance And Precautions

Before the shear wall reinforcement system is delivered, the company will do galvanizing treatment and place it in a humid environment to cause oxidation and damage the product. Therefore, the corresponding galvanized layer on the surface of the product may be damaged in time during the use of the product or during the use of the storage process.

The shear wall reinforcement system consists of a straight back and a L-shaped back. The L-type back is welded at a standard angle of 90 degrees (vertical). It is strictly forbidden during use, especially during product disassembly and reuse. Parabolic at high altitude to prevent product deformation.

The shear wall reinforcement system as a new product, the principle is to save energy and environmental protection. The reinforcement system is specially made one-to-one according to the specific construction drawings of the project. It must be selected and reinforced according to the drawings, and should not be used or mixed.

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