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IN 2009, Square Circle Formwork was built in Linyi, Shandong, A initial idea comes from rotary die board for Corrugated Packaging , after continuous innovation , we create a circular column forms made of wood, and win big success in China construction. then we expanding idea to rectangular column forms, concrete beam, concrete wall and lift shaft construction, now the brand has been well-known as safer,quicker, better finish! we help thousands and thousands of jobsite to save the time and labor!

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popular products

Circular Column Formwork

Made of plywood, light weight, easy handling, Highly waterproof

Circular Column Formwork
Adjustable Column Clamps

fast installation, two workers install a 4m column within 12 minutes

Adjustable Column Clamps
Elevator Shaft Platform

Safe, base can bearing 4 Ton, and there is shaft cover.

Elevator Shaft Platform
Adjustable Beam Clamps

Labor & time efficient, Fastest tools for beam clamps fixing

Adjustable Beam Clamps
Prefabricated Square Column Forms

Re-usable, Form panel can repeat 50 times or more

Prefabricated Square Column Forms
Shear Wall Forms

High turnover, simple operation, and low cost

Shear Wall Forms

why choose us

square circle formwork
  • Innovative

    change the way of construction , much easier.

  • Safer

    considerable of woker's safety.

  • Cost effective

    save time and labour with high reusablity.

  • After sale service

    we care full-heartedly.

Professional & Pragmatic

we hold the patent of our products.

6S workshop , qualified workers.

we learn every feedback from jobsite

our project
latest production line

our projects

Hubei WISCO Sports Center Project

Hubei WISCO Sports Center Project

Zhejiang Shenkeng Hotel Project

Zhejiang Shenkeng Hotel Project

Fujian Tianzhushan National Forest Park Shark Pavilion

Fujian Tianzhushan National Forest Park Shark Pavilion

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Square Circle Formwork® is a manufacturer and supplier of formwork products which aim to meet the needs of the current formwork market with our labor saving and environmental-friendly formwork system.

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  • Shandong Fangyuan Building Materials Co Ltd.
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone: +86-13341278700
  • Address: No. 1024 ehuang Road, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong, China

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